Braswell & Vianna is a law firm dedicated to the practice of all aspects of U.S. immigration & Intellectual Property Law. Our Immigration Department is focused on Family-, Business- and Employment-based Immigration Law while our Intellectual Property Department is focused on trademarks before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

When you hire our firm, one of our attorneys will be available to assist you in your native language (English, Spanish, and/or Portuguese). Because of this personal relationship with our clients, our expertise, and trustworthiness, Braswell & Vianna has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

Attorneys Jania Braswell and Adriana Vianna are both licensed to practice law in Brazil and in the United States.

Braswell & Vianna, building bridges between nations and protecting your brand.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names, and images used in commerce.

IP is protected in law by, for example, patents, copyright, and trademarks, which enable people to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create. By striking the right balance between the interests of innovators and the broader public interest, the IP system aims to foster an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish.

At Braswell & Vianna we help individuals and businesses protect, monetize, and benefit from profitable brands with their trademarks. Our main IP services include: ​

  • Trademark search and registration
  • Trademark office actions
  • Trademark maintenance and renewal
  • Trademark enforcement
  • Trademark representation before the TTAB

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U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law
Intellectual Property Law

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, Juris Doctor, Atlanta, GA, USA
Kennesaw State University, Science in Civil Engineering, Marietta, GA, USA
Centro Universitario do Distrito Federal (UDF), Law School, Brazil


Florida State Bar
American Bar Association - Intellectual Property (ABA/IP)
American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)
Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR)
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida
Brazilian State Bar, OAB/DF

Attorney Jania Braswell is a native of Brazil, raised in Brasília, where she practiced law until she moved to the United States.

In Brazil, Braswell worked as a legal consultant for SEBRAE/DF, a company that advises small businesses in areas related to tax, intellectual property, business formations, and labor/employment law. She also worked as a legal analyst attorney for the Brazilian Attorney’s General Office (in areas related to civil, constitutional, antitrust, and consumer law) as well as a solo legal practitioner (in civil litigation, employment law, and family law).

In the United States, Braswell worked for seven years as a roadway design engineer and a bridge design engineer while attending law school. Braswell then practiced immigration law in Georgia until she moved to South Florida.

In Florida, Braswell previously managed and operated her own successful Immigration Law practice. Braswell brings years of experience in family-, employment- and investor-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visa petitions, including petitions for individuals with extraordinary abilities, and client representation before the U.S. Immigration Court System. Braswell is often invited to speak domestically and internationally.

A passionate, honest, personable, and knowledgeable attorney, Braswell often goes out of her way to make herself available to her clients. A multilingual attorney, Braswell is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish and conversant in French.

Braswell lives in South Florida with her family. She is an avid volunteer with her church ministry and actively participates in Pro Bono representations and programs.


U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law

University of Miami School of Law, Juris Doctor, Miami, FL, EUA
Universidade Federal do Paraná, Law School, Brazil

Florida State Bar
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida
Indiana State Bar
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Indiana
Brazilian State Bar, OAB/PR
American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

Attorney Adriana Vianna is admitted to the State Bars of Florida and Indiana and is a native of Brazil. She lived and practice law in Curitiba until she moved to the United States in 1999. In Brazil, Vianna worked as an associate for Hapner & Kroetz Law Firm assisting international clients doing business in Latin America on general corporate matters, including business formation, corporate governance, tax, environmental, labor, intellectual property, and banking law issues.

In the United States, Vianna worked for Steel Hector & Davis LLP representing individuals and companies in multi-jurisdictional and international disputes before Federal Courts and international arbitration tribunals while working with U.S. and Latin American based lawyers to develop strategies and direct litigation.

Vianna brings prior experience in bridging Civil and Common Law systems, with substantive international legal knowledge, and a realistic appreciation for the nuances of the immigration system. Her personal experience in finding immigration solutions for qualified medical professionals gives her a unique perspective and insight into her client’s needs.

If you have concerns about your case, she will always take time to talk to you and give you an honest assessment of where things stand and future expectations. She is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish and conversant in French.

Vianna lives in South Florida with her family and volunteers for nonprofit organizations mobilizing resources to promote equality, economic opportunity, and childhood healthcare for all Brazilians.


The Internet in Latin America: Barriers to Intellectual Property Protection: Intellectual Property Rights
and the Digital Era: Argentina and Brazil, The University of Miami Inter-American Law Review, Spring 2003 (34): 277.
Dissolution Actions Against Limited Liability Corporations, 10 Themis Law Review, 19 (1998).


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