Non-immigrant visa Categories

  • B-1/B-2 (Business or Pleasure Visitors)
  • E2 & E1 (Treaty Trader & Treaty Investor)
  • F-1 (Student Visas)
  • H-1B (Professional or Skilled Worker Visa)
  • H-2B (Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers)
  • H-3 (Nonimmigrant Trainee or Special Education Exchange Visitor)
  • J-1 (Exchange Visitors)
  • L-1 (Intra-company Transferees)
  • O-1  (Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement)
  • P-1 (Athletes and Entertainers)
  • R-1 (Religious Workers)
  • Change/Extension of Non-immigrant Status

Employment-based Immigration Categories

  • EB-1(a) (Alien of Extraordinary Ability)
  • EB-1(b) (Outstanding Professors/Researchers)
  • EB-1(c) (Multinational Manager or Executive)
  • PERM Labor Certification
  • EB-2 (Based on PERM or National Interest Waiver)
  • EB-3 Based on PERM (Professionals, Skilled Workers, and other Workers)
  • EB-4 (Special Immigrant & Religious Workers)
  • EB-5 (Investor Visa)
  • Foreign Nurses Immigration
  • PERM Labor Certification

Family-based Immigration

  • Spouses of US citizens and residents
  • Children of US citizens and residents
  • Parents of US citizens
  • Siblings of US citizens
  • Consular processing
  • K Visa for Fiancé(e)s
  • Travel Documents
  • Reentry Permit

Naturalization and Deportation Defense

  • Naturalization and Citizenship
  • Derivative Citizenship for Children
  • Removal defense
  • Asylum/Refugees
  • Appeals
  • Writ of Mandamus

Other Immigration Services

  • DACA (deferred action for childhood arrival)
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility for Immigrants and Non-Immigrants
    • I-601 (Waiver of Inadmissibility for Immigrants)
    • I-601 A Provisional Waiver for Immigrants
    • Non-Immigrant Waiver (e.g. for B-1/B-2, F-1, H-1B Visas)
  • U Visa (Victims of Crime)
  • VAWA (domestic violence)

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